El Salvador Bitcoin Adoption Push Focused on Educating Students


El Salvador is taking further steps at pushing Bitcoin mass adoption through educating students. But the country’s portfolio is down by 60%.

Even during the extreme of the crypto winters, El Salvador focuses on Bitcoin mass adoption. A clip shows the students being educated about Bitcoin in a classroom.

Bitcoin education at a young age might drive the mass adoption and use cases of crypto once the students become adult citizens and start contributing to the nation.

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A viral clip on Twitter shows El Salvadoran teachers educating their students about Bitcoin as a part of a ten-week curriculum. The teachers show a practical demo to students on how to receive Bitcoin through the Lightning network. Students are also educated on various topics such as nodes, double-spending, and Bitcoin halvings.

“The idea is that this be replicated in other schools around the world,” says an educator.

My First Bitcoin, a Bitcoin education project in El Salvador, claimed to educate over 10,000 students in 2022. It expects to increase its reach by 25 times and teach 250,000 students in 2023. 

El Salvador Leading BTC Mass Adoption

After the adoption of Bitcoin as a legal tender last year, the country has made various contributions to mass adoption. President Nayib Bukele announced that the nation has been working to build an income and property-tax-free Bitcoin city in November last year.

Last month, the President launched a special Bitcoin Office to manage all cryptocurrency-related projects. It will also serve as a bridge to organize meetings between individuals and the President for Bitcoin and blockchain implementation in the country.

The country has been buying one Bitcoin per day since Nov. 18 and now holds over 2,458 Bitcoins, according to a website that tracks the portfolio of El Salvador. The Central American country is down by 61.82% on its Bitcoin holdings, with an unrealized loss of over $67 million.

Source: Nayibtracker

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